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This is bits of my fantasy world. Interested in helping out? See below.

World Name

Sitnalta - Main continent
Artemia - Second continent

Definite People Names
Casnar - Angel
Suao - Demon
Lenna - The heroine
Dalwin - The fallen angel
Mallen - The King
Syphora - The (unwilling and suicidal) Queen
Onea - Possible Heavenly Oracle
Sasen - Suao's dead son
Crena - Suao's dead wife
Turin - Lenna's father
Lusteria - A Lich who works for the King
Xakai - A Lich who works for the King
Malikai - a Lich
Syjenna - The Magi who recruits the heroine
Gabrin - Syjenna's Focus
Casle - Syjenna's Focus
Synara - Magi
Senrir - Possible demon Magi
Sesris - Possible demon Magi
Sekiln - Scarlet/Red Magi (Possible Oracle blood)
Senaoki - Brown Magi (Possible High Empath)
Ranalar (Ran al ar) - The current guardian of the academy (Male)
Dra'nakanin (Dra naka nin) - Mate of Ranalar (Female)

Definite Place Names
Tanus - The Master City and possible worshippers of Yaova
Tuluth - The town Lenna is from, very friendly to demons
Aidacra - Where the Magi academy is located

Famous Dragons
Sylydara (sigh la dara) - Founder of the Magi Academy (Female)
Se'enook (see en oohK) - Founder of the Magi Academy (Male)
Lu'kaliath (Lu ka lee ath) - Founder of the Necromancer Academy (Female)

Focus - A person who magic does not work on, and who cannot use magic themselves but instead focuses the magic of the Magi they're bonded to in order to amplify it and then release it in the direction and manner given through the bond
Sy/Se - Prefaces a graduated Magi's name. Sy for women and Se for men (after the dragons who founded the academy)
Lu - Can preface a female Lich's name. Male Liches can also follow this practice, but usually opt not to. Fully optional for both genders.

Magi Types
Wild - A magic user who has not been formally taught
Crystal - Healers
Black/Dark - Destroyers/Necromancers
Gray - Neutrality/Stillness
Green - Controllers of earth
Blue - Controllers of water
Scarlet/Red - Controllers of fire
Yellow - Controllers of electricity
White - Controllers of wind
Brown - Animal empaths

Seer/Oracle - Psychics
Templar - Controllers of the Holy Light
High Empath - Someone who can sense the emotions of others, sometimes mistaken for a Seer/Oracle from their deduction abilities
Lich - A fully trained Necromancer who's eyes have changed color or become more vivid

Heavenly Council
Yaova - Goddess/Queen of Heaven/Paradise
(Holy) Gabriel - Runs the Heavenly Council
Michael - Is in charge of defense and organization of angel assaults on Hell
Azreal - Guards the Sea of Souls. Can kill by merely poking you (if he chooses)

Hell Council
(Great) Lukiel - Runs the Hell Council
Casiniel - Lukiel's second
Judeal - Runs defense of the Silent City to keep Angels from discovering it and keep harmony within the walls. Criminals are usually banished outside the walls where they will eventually die from the barren wastes, or from Angel attack or even the wildlife.


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